Conscious creators of soulful places

conscious creators of soulful places ida hedman

To the conscious creators of soulful places

We don’t exist in a vacuum – our actions, thoughts and our individual energy affect the places we are in, the rooms we inhabit and the people we meet. Likewise, the places we are in, the world around us, impacts us and our energy.

Co-creating with our surroundings

When we create a space, we build worlds within worlds, a new energetic whole that lives entwined with the surrounding energies.

Where we settle, where we create spaces, is not random and by understanding the energetic currents of our surroundings we can move to co-create with it – building an even stronger and more lasting energetic and physical space that reflects what we wish to give to the world, our unique purpose.

conscious creators of soulful places ida hedman

An energetic portrait of your space – understanding your vibe

To better understand the energetic whole you have created, how the world you have built shines in the world, I offer you insight into the energetic whole your labour of love reflects by doing an extensive channelling, an energetic portrait of your space.

The channelling gives insight both to your surrounding energies and the unique energy of your space.

It explains how these two merge together, how your space impacts the world around you and everyone who visits you, and how you can co-create with the energy that surrounds you.

At the same time you get insight into how the place you have created is connected to your soul path and purpose, and how to bring your purpose more alive in the space you have created.

The energetic portrait of your space helps you create more consciously so that you can bring to life a whole new world of your own that supports you, the land and the people you meet in the best possible way.

Whether you have a retreat center, a shop, a yoga studio, a farm, represent a city, town or village, or something else, I’d be honored to give words to the world you have created or are in the midst of creating.

For more details, contact me at

Looking forward to hearing from you! Together we can create more conscious, soulful places on earth.


Read more about energy in the world, how it functions and my channellings of different places on the planet here.

Ida Hedman

Ida is a creative, conscious soul giving words to energy and the multitude of forms it takes in the world.


What’s channeling?

Channeling is reading and giving words to the information that energy holds within itself.

Where are you located?

I’m living in Barcelona, but happy to travel where I’m needed.

What languages do you offer the channeling in?

In English and my native Finnish.

Is the channeling done in person? How will I receive it?

I do the channeling in writing and you receive it as a pdf file. You get to keep the energetic portrait of your place and can use it (with reference) e.g. in marketing.

I prefer to visit you, to physically get to experience your place, its surroundings, and to meet you in person to hear about your business and space, the world you’ve created.

Why is this important?

Because vibes matter; once we recognise what feels good and right for us, what resonates with us, we often choose it for ourselves.

We choose the coffee shop that has a nice atmosphere, the yoga studio with the right air, the retreat that sends a healing vibe – intuitively following the energy that we currently need.

By understanding the energetic whole you have created you can better work with it and attract the right people – the people who need the unique place you have breathed into life.

What if I don’t have a physical place for my business?

Places we create online are also places, spaces we create with our own energy. The vibe a website or another online platform impacts everyone who visits it and also tells a potential customer whether your service is for them or not;

What we resonate with, we feel attracted to and often choose for ourselves, which is why it’s important to realise what kind of energy the spaces we create hold and what kind of customers they attract.

How much does the energetic portrait of a place cost?

I adapt the price according to the size of your business. If I need to travel to you, the travel costs will be added to the price.

Do you have other questions?

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at: and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.