An intuitive, creative mentoring infused with empowering energy for you who wishes to make your dreams and visions into reality.

Life is a continual creation.


Everything we create carries energy in itself, is a magnificent world of its own.

I offer you who wishes to make your dreams and visions into reality, an intuitive, creative mentoring infused with empowering energy.

A mentoring that combines the best of energy work and creativity, and is for you who owns a small business or is planning to create a business of your own that reflects your beautiful being, your essence and passions.

For you at a turning point who needs clarity to take the next steps.

Guiding you gently with years of experience working intuitively and creatively with energy, infused with a background in communications and service design.


In the mentoring we focus on what drives you; we dive deep into your roots, find out what gives you nourishment, what inspires you and what makes your soul dance with joy.

From this solid base, we move on to pinpointing your essence and uniqueness through which your dreams and visions gather power, manifest into reality and bear fruit.

All to help you build your inner world into reality, release your creativity, and live your passions by being gently grounded in yourself and your purpose.

The intuitive mentoring happens face to face in beautiful and vibrant Barcelona and focuses on intentional and intuitive creating, using your strengths, skills and passions to bring your dreams to life.

While you’re an expert of yourself, your life and your area of expertise, I will gently guide you to bring your expertise, passions and dreams to their fullest potential. A magnificent world of its own where your passion and purpose meet, intertwined into a beautiful whole.

The mentoring is aimed at small business owners and often my clients work within wellness and spirituality. But, no matter what path you’re on, or what sector you work in, you’re more than welcome to step on this journey of intuitive creating with me.

The mentoring is especially for you who’s at a turning point, starting something new and in need of alignment and clarification on your path.

ida hedman business mentoring in barcelona


We start with a phone call to get to know each other a bit – to see whether the mentoring is right for you. The phone call is completely free.

On our first meeting, we start by meeting in the city for a walk. A walk, because grounding movement is a brilliant way to settle into creating. After the walk, we’ll sit down in a coffeeshop where with the help of pen and paper we’ll draw out an inspirational tree that clarifies:

  • your sources of inspiration, nourishment
  • your core and essence
  • your unique skills and superpowers
  • your intentions, goals, creations and fruits

This tree of creation is a beautiful visual base from which it’s easy for you to bring your ideas into reality.

It reflects how your passions through your unique skills can be manifested and portrayed into reality in a way that both supports and reflects you and your brilliant being.

The tree functions as a reminder, an inspiration and gives clarity. Clarity, that will help you build your dreams into reality, a universe of its own with you at its center.

This first meeting lasts approximately 2 hours and costs 200 €.



Creating a universe of your own.

After this clarifying first meeting which helps you realise your purpose, skills and goals, you’re welcome to continue working with me on making your visions and dreams into an actual plan – a brilliant and vibrant universe of its own.

For creating your own universe I offer a mentoring package which consists of 4 meetings:

During the first meeting, we create your tree of creation. On the second meeting, we plant this tree into a garden, which will be the first step in creating your own universe.

During the 3rd and 4th meetings, we continue with visualizing your world, creating your universe, in a way that gives you ideas and practical tools that will help you bring everything you wish to create into reality.

The mentoring aims to help make your dreams and visions into a tangible reality, it gives you tools to create with intention and passion, a gentle way of creating from your heart, with you and your unique being at the core.

The mentoring package costs 750 euros and includes 4 meetings, where the first meeting lasts approximately 2 hours and the following three meetings take 1,5 hours.

ida hedman business mentoring in barcelona


In my work I wish to bring you back to your power, to help you create a life that both reflects and supports you and your unique being. Creativity, movement and working supported by Barcelona’s brilliant energy are at the core of the mentoring.

Excitement, joy and passion are forces that give us power and inspiration, which is why we’ll dive first deeply into what nourishes you. And from this inspired state, I’ll help you build a magnificent universe that’s woven together with joy, excitement, abundant energy and brilliant power.

Because I wish to help you make your dreams come true in a way that reflects your uniqueness and enhances your well-being.

I meet you as you are, creating a space where you feel safe to stay grounded in your power, giving room for all the excitement and joy that live in you. For all the nervousness that might rise from stepping into something new. Allowing you and your feelings, while gently reminding you of the power that lies within you.

Because you are the creator of your life, the wild and free artist, who with every brush stroke paints your inner world into reality, making it tangible and alive.

ida hedman


Energy and the energetic world have always been present in my life. Since 2017 I have worked with energy full-time by channelling it to writings, treatments and courses, helping beautiful souls realise their potential and live more grounded in their own purpose.

I have a background in service management, service design, communication and HR, and love bringing the energetic world into a tangible reality that helps you live the life of your dreams.


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