Giving words to energy & creating magical maps to guide you towards your dream life, a life that reflects your soul.


Ida Hedman

I’m Ida, my journey started in Finland and has led me from Malaysia to Thailand, Brazil and Sweden, until I found my current home in Barcelona in 2020.  

Energy – feeling it, sensing it, reading it, giving words to it – it has all been a part of my daily life since I was born, it comes naturally to me, as naturally as breathing.

Adventures of Love & Light started in 2017 as an outlet for this world I see, live and breathe, but that for so many others seemed to be hidden.

And what started as blog posts very soon propelled into something bigger. Writing has always been my way of expressing myself, and very soon after starting the blog I found myself writing Soul’s Stories, which led to energy treatments, to courses and coachings.

During these years I’ve written hundreds and again hundreds of Soul’s Stories, done energy healing for countless people and held numerous courses that teach about energy, the energetic world, but most of all, that help you to live more present and grounded in yourself. To live a life of your dreams, to live your soul’s purpose.


I wish I could tell you what I see, what I feel. I wish I could help you see you, help you fathom your own beauty.

The rain drops silently to the ground, each drop apart, yet merging into one when they touch the hard ground. Circling around the universe as one, a wild sea, a distant fog, dew drops in the morning. Each drop containing a raging sea, a vast emptiness, a universe.

A universe in you. Can you see it, taste it, feel it? How it all comes to being in you? How it all is, one, in you?

You beautiful creature, everything you need is within you. You are the ocean circling this earth, you are all the stars in the universe, you are the energy you vibrate into the world.

Slow down, move with the waves, move within you. Let yourself float freely, let yourself be free. And in that freedom, you’ll remember. You’ll remember the truth, you’ll remember the world we once created and will create again.

Live, to the fullest, with every atom in your body. Sparkle like the night sky, shine bright like the sun. Here and now.

Can you see it, taste it, feel it, How it all comes to being in you, How it all is, one, in you?

With love from love,


To help you remember the light within.


The Soul’s Story is Your Story, a channelled writing that portrays your unique energy.

The Soul’s Story tells the story of you, your soul and energy, why you are here, what your energy consists of and what unique mission you are on.

The channelled writing gives insight into you as a whole, it describes your energy and your purpose. It’s an empowering writing that reminds you of your own beauty and power, of the light within, and inspires you to live a life that reflects your being.

I wish to combine the best of energy work and writing, and through this bring more love and light into this world. My sincere wish is that through the writing you will again remember who you are and recognise the beautifully complex being you are. 

Souls’s Story long – 69 €

A detailed, 1-2 pages long, description of your energy, a story that brings you back to yourself, anchors you to your power.

Soul’s Story short – 40 €

A one-page poetic writing that describes your energy, gives words to your beautiful being.

For orders, email me at adventuresofloveandlight@gmail.com.


A one of a kind, unique map to Barcelona and its energy, personally made for you and your unique energy.

This is for you who wants to explore Barcelona and its energy on your own while having an insightful map that tells about the city’s energy and how it resonates with your energy and unique being.

You’ll find spots on the map that are important to you, that reflect your energy, are its opposite. Spots that strengthen your energy and help you feel more grounded in yourself and your power. Spots that heal and empower you.

Each spot comes with a description of its energy, how it resonates with your energy and a small exercise that helps you dive deeper into you and your energy. Helps you understand how you and your energy function.

Price: 150 €

For orders email me at adventuresofloveandlight@gmail.com. Tell a bit about yourself, your current situation and what you have a special need to focus on – this helps me to create a map that helps you in the best possible way.


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