Energy healing is a gentle way of cleansing and balancing your energy field and chakras. The pure light energy that is used in the treatment works for your benefit, listening to your unique being and helps you feel lighter and move forward on your unique path.

The energy healing

– Balances and cleanses your energy field & chakras
– Brings forward what is important for you at this moment and helps you move forward on your individual life path
– Listens intently to your needs and helps you in the way that is perfect for you at this moment

Energy healing is for you who needs a moment to calm down, cleanse and heal, remember who you are and wishes to move forward on your soul’s path. 

Face-to-face (Barcelona or Helsinki) 
45 min – 45 €

Book an appointment here.

Distance (Anywhere)
30 min – 40 €

Schedule an appointment: adventuresofloveandlight@gmail.com


The Soul’s Story is Your Story, a channelled writing that portrays your unique energy.

The Soul’s Story tells the story of you, your soul and energy, why you are here, what does your energy consist of and what unique mission you are on.

I do the writing by being in touch with your energy and the energy field that surrounds you. The writing is a description of you and your soul, a reminder of the wholeness of your being, of what you are. Each text is its own unique self, as all of us are our own unique, individual and beautiful selves. 

I wish to combine the best of energy work and writing, and through this bring more love and light into this world. My sincere wish is that through the writing you will again remember who you are and recognise the beautifully complex being you are. 

You can order your own Soul’s Story in my webshop here. (Accepted payment methods: Visa & Mastercard)

Once you’ve ordered your Soul’s Story, I will send it to you within 7 working days to your email. If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder and/or contact me at adventuresofloveandlight@gmail.com. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!


Ida’s worked with energy healing and written Soul’s Stories since 2016. Her mission is to remind you of your unique beauty, the universes that live within you. The energy treatments’ and Soul’s Stories’ purpose is to help you understand yourself as a whole and to help you live a life that reflects your energy, gifts and purpose.

Ida’s written hundreds of Soul’s Stories and brought encouragement, inspiration and love to countless people through her work.


Do you have questions, wish to book an appointment or order a Soul’s Story? Please write to me below! I will reply within two working days. If you don’t hear back from me please check your spam folder or email me at adventuresofloveandlight@gmail.com.